Fuel Cell Vehicles

The key facts: -Fuel cells are catalytic devices which convert the energy stored in a fuel directly to electrical energy. -A fuel cell provides the conditions for a catalytic energy release as opposed to combustion. This occurs through the use … Continue reading

Fuel Cell Vehicles

GUEST POST: A Very Basic Overview of Scrap Yards, Car Breakers, and Turning Your Old Car into Cash

A Very Basic Overview of Scrap Yards, Car Breakers, and Turning Your Old Car into Cash Cars don’t last forever. The factors which finally bring the life-cycle of your vehicle to a close can vary. In a worse case scenario, … Continue reading

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Biofuel – Naturally Fuelled Cars

In a world on the cusp of embracing the green revolution, automobiles are coming under a lot of scrutiny to embrace more sustainable methods of power.  When electricity and hybrid vehicles aren’t an option, we have the potential to turn … Continue reading

Cleaner Fuels

The Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake

If you’ve been scratching your head wondering if there’s such a thing out there as a sexy-looking estate blending oodles of style and strong performance with practicality for your family and all their clobber, Mercedes-Benz may well have the car … Continue reading

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Motorcycles Riders Opting for Cleaner Fuels

A while ago, buying a moped or a scooter seemed an unlikely idea, or somehow one may be been thought to be younger, however that idea makes more sense today that it did before. Mostly it is due to the … Continue reading

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Pass First Time

The UK driving test is a real challenge for unprepared learner drivers. It can be scary, stressful and – costing over £60 per attempt – it’s expensive to take the test, so it’s hardly surprising that every learner drivers wants … Continue reading

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Currently, and metaphorically, the world is stuttering on the dawn of a new age of uncertainty. Over the past two hundred years or so, we, as both a civilisation and species, have pushed ahead at a rate of blinding nonstop … Continue reading

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Why Heat Pumps Will Save You Money

Heat pumps can indeed enhance the energy efficiency of a household, and save money. One attractive feature of heat pumps is their capability of generating wholly natural types of heat. This is one reason for the doubts in people’s mind … Continue reading

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Car Upkeep is Important to the Longevity of Your Car

Purchasing a new car, or a car that is new to you, is always an exciting time. Learning all the nuances of a new vehicle and enjoying all the great features is such great fun. Buying the car, and learning … Continue reading

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Are you ready for an Alternatively Fuelled Vehicle?

Price comparison website MoneySupermarket.com has produced an infographic examining the use of alternatively fuelled vehicles in the UK. Recent studies by the company revealed that 62% of motorists have been forced to alter their driving habits, so as to reduce … Continue reading

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The New Audi Q5

Audi is giving its popular SUV, the Q5, a mid-life facelift. The German car manufacturer has made design tweaks to keep the Q5 looking fresh as well as making improvements to the engine range. The new Q5 will be available … Continue reading

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